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Hi! I am Paula, the women behind PG Lash Artistry.

I was born and raise in Costa Rica. I immigrated by myself to the States in 2004. I was escaping a life of machismo, a life that it was predisposed for me without my consent a life I did not want. Moving to the States was the biggest shoot I took for myself in the means that it was the most important decision I took about my life, without knowing that was the first empowering thing, I took to take charge of what I want. 

I came first as an Au Pair, then after 2 years of contract I realized there was not going back for me. For good or for worse I was gonna stay. I worked as a babysitter, pet sitter,barista, waitress, home sitter. I have a crazy work ethic so I always had plenty of jobs. I meet my hubby in one of those jobs, we got married in 2010.

After getting married I finally fixed my legal status in the country and was able to go to school.Choosing what to go to school for was easy, I had always being into beauty, pampering, taking care of the skin so I looked into Aesthetics. I was working 6 days a week, 2 jobs and going to school.once I graduated and past all State Boards and I was licensed to work I applied everywhere.

One day I got a call from a Lash Salon I never applied to work for, I was so confused I couldn't find where in my notes I have applied to this salon, I ask the person at the phone when did I applied until the voice at the phone said: oh no you didn't applied to work for us. We heard from you from a client and we need to meet you (thanks again my crazy work ethic, opening doors for me) a couple of days later they hire me as a lash extension apprentice.