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Designer Magnetic Strip Lashes

Designer magnetic lashes are fully customizable magnetic strip lashes that look like extensions because they are made by a professional lash artist. Like me!

Designer Magnetic lashes.jpg



Why magnetic lashes?


  • You are unable to see your lash artist in person

  • They are easy to apply, no need for messy glue

  • Allows you to have an affordable luxury-designed look just like the set of extensions you are used to get in the studio, all without having to come to the salon in-person

  • You can have different looks in rotation to choose from, depending on your mood or activity (e.g. zoom meetings vs Holidays)

  • You can easily apply and remove them to maximize longevity, allowing you to cry and rub your eyes (if you know, you know)

  • A good option if you've had an allergic reaction to the lash extension adhesive or had problems with retention in the past 

  • You are supporting a latina, female-owned business 


They come with everything you need:

  • A virtual consultation

  • A set of custom, Designer magnetic strip-lashes

  • Designer black eyeliner

  • Stainless steel rose gold applicator


Just like a regular lash appointment, you will pick a time that works with your schedule for your virtual consultation.

Once you book your appointment, I will reach out with the link for the consultation.

If you have been our customer before, and would like to receive the same custom look that you typically receive in-studio, just let me know and we can forego the consultation.

Because these are custom, and made-to-order, it is required to pay in full during the consultation and is non-refundable. They will be ready to ship within a week. You can add extra eyeliners or extra lash styles with your order.

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